Making money is the goals of many people if not all people. But not all people can make money except they follow the principles that guide making money. It is not about the how hard we work but how smart we work. And ironically, we need to know that hardwork beats talents. So to make money conviniently, we need to follow the principles of making money which include:

Hardwork: like I said in the first paragraph, hardwork beats talents. No matter how talented we are, we need to be working harder in oder to showcase our talent. I have met with talented people that are not hardworking and yet to harness to the fullest their talents.

Time: this is the main ingredient of making money. We make money based on the time that we are able to dedicate. Most people that dedicate their full time make more money than the ones that only dedicate their half time on online jobs for some reasons or the other.

Skill and mentor: we need skill, we need mentors. Skills are those things that sell us to the world. No wonder that most people have decided to be learning one skill or the other in order to make money and they look for mentors to guide them.

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