Chemically Engineered




If you want to learn more about steroids this guide is for you.

It is over 100 pages of detailed information on not just steroids, but a whole list of compounds used to enhance your fitness to levels that can only be achieved through hard work, determination, good nutrition, and the extra edge than chemical enhancement can provide.

What you will find inside chemically engineered:

  • Proper use of steroids
  • How steroids work
  • Basic stacks
  • Advanced stacks
  • How to protect your body from side effects
  • Post Cycle therapy
  • What HGH is and how it is used
  • The latest in designer steroids
  • Weight loss drugs that work!
  • Where to buy steroids online

Get your copy of Chemically Engineered today and discover the science of steroids and muscle.

Submitted:06 Apr 2012

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